5U Mites TBall



1. Each game is 4 innings (mites division time limit 1:10) (each batter has 6 swing attempts to hit the ball in fair-play)

2. 4 inning, 3 outs out per inning. will hit half of the batter roster no matter if 3 out are in affect runs will not count after 3 outs. (playoffs will be the same rules)


4. If a child is tagged out or is forced out at a base, then the child goes to the dugout and does not stay on the base

5 Scoring, We will have umpire.

6. There is no stealing or leading. Bases are 55 feet

7. The team in the field can have coaches in the field with them to help position the players

8. Runners on the bases cannot advance on an overthrown ball. The purpose of this rule is to keep the game from becoming a "circus." Example 1: Batter hits ground ball to shortstop, shortstop fields and throws to first base, however ball goes past first baseman and rolls to fence; runner stays on first base and does not advance to second base. Example 2: runner on first base, batter hits ground ball to shortstop, shortstop throws ball to second baseman, but ball rolls past second baseman; runners stay on first and second and do not advance to second and third.

9. Parents and spectators need to conduct themselves properly at all games and practices. If a parent or other individual is being unruly or offensive, the coach whose team the child is on should immediately speak with the parent regarding that parent's behavior. The League President should be notified of the situation. Before the season, all coaches should discuss with the parents the conduct that is expected of them at games and practices.

12. In the event of a cancellation, each Manager will be responsible to contact the League President within a reasonable time, 2 weeks.

13. You may play the entire line-up of players but only 6 can play in the infield everyone else in the outfield optional catcher if you like, Except for injury or disciplinary ejection.

14. lf the batter hits a Fly ball and goes over the outfielder in the grass is a Home Runs, Line drive roller if the ball lands on outfield grass or passes the fielder is a double. (last batter in every inning is live if balls goes beyond everyone, infielder will need to call time out)


Umpire/League Control Policy

1.In the event of a cancellation during the regular season, due to team request each Manager will be responsible to contact the League Commissioner Coordinator within a reasonable time or 2 weeks. (during Playoffs every team will have abide by the league playoffs schedule unless cancel due to Bad Weather or field Conditions Only)

2.Prior to the commencement of play, the Managers, or a designated coach, from each team will be introduced to the Umpires.They will be the only individuals able to discuss or appeal any call made by an Umpire.

3.Coaches for respective teams have responsibility to lead players by example at all times both on the field and in the dugout.Each team coach is responsible for control of his coaches and team.

4.First warning for disruptive or argumentative coach, parent, or spectator name taken.

5.Second warning rejection (report to League President and Commission for appropriate suspension).

6.Failure to leave the park after ejection will result in police call.