SM Playoffs Rules

Tournament Rules
1. The following are the official age categories:
6, 7, 8 under (Coach Pitch)
9 Under / 10 & Under
12 & Under
1. Each game is 6 innings. Time Limit 1:20 Championship game No time limit (Only 4 coaches and Scorekeeper will be allowed in the Dugouts)
2. 12 batters hit per inning or team roster or 3 outs whichever comes first. Run Rules: 15 after 4, 10 after 5
3. A coach for the team batting pitches to his batters and coach catcher for Division. (Or the defense of team may choose to have a player catcher but needs to have proper catcher gear on)
4. The coach will pitch 5 pitches for the PONY DIVISION if the batter is unable to hit the ball after 5 pitches then the batting tee should be placed on Home plate and the batter hits off of the tee and will have 3 chances to hit if not successfully after 3 attempts then is an out or chose to pitch 2 more pitches.
5 If a child is tagged out or is forced out at a base due cause he over-ran the bases, then the child goes to the dugout and does not stay on the base he will be call out.
6. If the batter hits a Fly ball and goes over the outfield cones is a Home Runs, if the ball lands on outfield grass in front of the player, player will need to throw the ball into the infield and call time out.
7. If the batter hits a ball on the infield dirt as line drive or rolls onto the outfield grass without the outfield having possession and passes the cones; it will be a ground rule double. (Last batter in the inning is live need to make an attempt to get him out or throw the ball in the infield and call time out- same runs applied #10)
8. There is no stealing or leading. Bases are 55 feet.
9. The team in the field can have coaches in the field with them to help position the players
7U and 8 rules
(Only 4 coaches and Scorekeeper will be allowed in the Dugouts)
In the 7-8U Coach Pitch ten (10) players may play on defense. If a team has only nine (9) players the other team will still play with maximum number players on defense.
In the 7-8U Coach Pitch all players bat in the batting order, 1 successful Bunt is allowed per inning, Coaches decision on free defensive substitutions but everyone on the roster will bat. Fielding substitutions may be made during the inning by calling time out.
In the 7-8U Coach Pitch Division the ball is live if it travels at least 3 feet from the home plate Arc, the catcher or the pitcher will have to make a play on it.
In 7-8U Coach Pitch Division once the ball is thrown into an infielder with possession of the ball calls time-out (in the infield), the ball is dead and all runners must return to the nearest base, Also if is thrown to the Pitcher coach the defense of team will be granted a time-out. If the runner is more than half way to the next base, he may continue to that base. If he is not, he must return to the previous base.
In the 7-8U Coach Pitch Division a batter shall receive a maximum of 5 pitches. If the batter fouls off the 5th pitch they will be entitled to only one more pitch. Three (3) strikes and the batter are out. (7U only will have 5 pitches no matter if they strike out)
In the 7-8U Coach Pitch Division the inning is over once a team gets three (3) outs or the team bats 10 players. This is for the first 5 innings played, only the 6th inning the 10 batters is not in affect this is the only inning the a team trailing came come back and win the game will need to get 3 outs to close the game, run rules are still in affect
Time limit for the 7-8U COACH PITCH is one hour and thirty minutes (1:25). Or regulation game consist of six (6) innings in 7-8U Coach Pitch which ever occur first. 15 run rule after trailing team end of the 4th Inning, 10 runs (5th). Champions Game no time limit
Distances between bases are 60 feet, and Coach Pitch is 36 feet or around the circle. No leads or Steal, No Infield Fly Rule. Children must stay on the base until contact.
9U & 10 Division
1. six-inning game. 1:45 minutes. Inning ends when 3 outs. Official game after 4 innings. (Championship Game no time limit)
2. Run Rules if a team is trailing by more than 15 runs by the end of the 4th Inning, game will be called, (15-4in) (10-5in)
3. Bases 60 Ft. Pitching distances are mount 44-46Ft.
4. Leadoffs and steal are allowed. if a team is leading by more than 8 runs leafoffs is taken away. Only way to steal is on a pass ball
5.- (9u only)1 Balk warning per pitcher-Call only obvious balks after one warning (per pitcher) after that is a no pitch and the runner is awarded base. (10U Balks no warning)
6. Whenever a tag play is evident, runners must slide, go around or seek to avoid contact with fielder or catcher.
7.(9Uonly) Pitch counts 4 continuous innings per pitcher/ one pitch constitutes an inning, Pitchers: A Player may pitch only 4 innings in this Division game. For record purposes, an inning pitched will be charged once the pitcher is on the mound and the umpire has indicated that player is resumed. Each pitcher will be allowed eight warm up pitchers upon entering the game or at the start of an inning (exception will be granted in case of an injury to the pitcher. (10U) pitcher can pitch all 6 Inning extra innings new pitcher will need to enter)
8. Fake Bunting (7U/8U/9U/10U) - Fake bunting and then swinging away is not allowed The batter shall be called out for this offense
9. Dropped third strike is in effect , Infield fly rule is in effect. NO head sliding to Home plate.. Restrain dugouts players from rattling pitchers when he is set to pitch.
10. Bunting is allowed. Bunting is allowed for "squeeze play" at Home Plate, Runner need to wait or can break when the bunt is on play or take his lead from 3rd base after the defense has attempted to throw to another base he may take off and try to steal home.
11. Teams may start a game with a minimum 8 players. And can add players until the beginning of the top of the 3rd inning. (Late arrival shall be inserted at the bottom of the batting order. All players on the roster shall bat before a late arrival. If a players needs to leave before the games end he will be called out or coaches can agreed for non out called before the game)
12. All players bat the line-up and can use free substitution on defense but the batting order must remain the same. Or can select to bat 10 players only with subs.
13. Only players on roster permitted to play. At such time the first batter of the 3rd inning takes the batter's box, no arriving players will be added to the roster or field of play.
14. Live ball: Any ball overthrown to first base or third base, which hits the fence, but remains on the field, will be considered a live ball. Runners may advance at risk. 17. Dead Ball will be call if the ball goes underneath fences or overthrown out of the field of play, base runner will advance a base determine by the umpire
15. The team on defense (10) defensive players will play in the field with (4) outfielder. The (4) outfielders may not assume an infield position. All Outfielders must have both feet on the outfield grass.
16. Defensive coaches are not allowed on the field of play and must coach from the dugout.
17 Team batting can have 1 coach on first baseline, 1 coach on third baseline only everyone else inside the dugout.
18. If a pitcher hits 3 batters in same inning , he must be removed as a pitcher.
19 Courtesy runners are allowed for an injured player, the runner should be the last player out from the previous inning or subs.
20. Catchers & Pitchers may use a courtesy runner anytime; last player out from previous inning will be the runner.
21. Thrown Bats, 1st warning the umpire will warn the Team 2nd warning will be an out.,Manager have 2 timeouts per inning also this includes the mount visit, after his second visit to the mount he most remove the pitcher.
1. Protest may be made on rules infractions only, not on judgment calls by the umpires.
A) The League Commissioners shall make all final determinations on any protest.
B) A Protest requires a $100 Protest Fee (Cash Only) per protest. If the protest is upheld the fee will be refunded immediately. If the protest is denied the fee is forfeited.
1) Challenging of a player the doesn't belong on a team is considered a Protest, and requires the $100 Protest Fee.
C) All protest must be made to the umpire-in-chief prior to the next pitch, play or attempted play.
D) The Commissioners shall rule on the protest prior to play continuing.
A) Any team that loses a game by forfeit shall be withdrawn from the Playoffs
B) Forfeit time is ten (15) minutes after the scheduled start time of the game.
This Playoffs has a ZERO Tolerance for ALL Parents, Players & Coaches, which means that if you're ejected from the game YOU'RE GONE!
1.The only people allowed in the dugouts or on the field are the players, coaches (4) and Scorekeeper. Coaches will need to have team jersey.
2.No manager or coach may smoke on the field or in the dugouts.
3.The player, manager, coach or parent that is ejected from a game will not be allowed to finish the playoffs Tournament. ( Any parent or coach ejected due to their behavior their child will also be ejected from finishing the playoffs tournament and then you will have to explain to your child why he/she can't play)
1. Each team must maintain its own scorebook. The umpire-in-chief will maintain the game score and Official Game Sheet.
1.9U,10U and 12U A runner for the pitcher & catcher can be used at any time. The runner shall be a substitute, if no substitute, then his team's last out. If the last out is the pitcher, then the first out of the inning shall run.
2. All teams must be in complete uniform. This includes shirts, pants and caps. Manager and coaches must wear cap and shirts.
4. Metal cleats are permitted only in the 12U ONLY.
Tournament Rules and Regulations
5. The GAME SHEET must be completed prior to each game. All players (starting line-up and substitutes) must be listed.
6. The catcher must use a mask and catcher's helmet at all times, including when he is warming up the pitcher.
7.The Re-Entry Rule shall be used. This is only for the starting players and they must re-enter into the same position in the batting order. The player re-entering may play a different defensive position.
8. In a situation in which a team does not have an eligible substitute for a player that becomes ill or is injured, the last player removed from the line-up may re-enter the game without penalty. A team may finish a game with 8 Players. The position in the line-up for the player that is not playing (the 9th player) shall be an automatic out.
9. Fake Bunting (7U/8U/9U/10U) - Fake bunting and then swinging away is not allowed The batter shall be called out for this offense
Playoffs Format
1.Every team made the playoffs. Double elimination tournament, with teams seeded and advancing to the championship round.
Seeding is determined by each team's win / loss record Standing, Tie-Breaker head to head, Diff..
A flip of a coin determines the home team. In the Championship game only (Quarter-final the higher seeded team is home team or team coming from the winning bracket in the semi finals )
1.Teams will not be permitted to take batting practice or infield practice on the playing fields.
2. The GAME SHEET must be completed by both managers; each manager must sign the GAME SHEET at the conclusion of the game.
Umpire/League Control Policy
1.In the event of a cancellation during the regular season, due to team request each Manager will be responsible to contact the League Commissioner Coordinator within a reasonable time or 2 weeks. (during Playoffs every team will have abide by the league playoffs schedule unless cancel due to Bad Weather or field Conditions Only)
2.Prior to the commencement of play, the Managers, or a designated coach, from each team will be introduced to the Umpires.They will be the only individuals able to discuss or appeal any call made by an Umpire.
3.Coaches for respective teams have responsibility to lead players by example at all times both on the field and in the dugout.Each team coach is responsible for control of his coaches and team.
4.First warning for disruptive or argumentative coach, parent, or spectator name taken.
5.Second warning rejection (report to League President and Commission for appropriate suspension).
6.Failure to leave the park after ejection will result in police call.