7 & 8U Teams Rules (7-8 Coach Pitch)

Teams Rules (7-8 Coach Pitch)


Introduce competition via keeping score of individual games.

1. Objective is to teach, improve skills and have fun.

2.All teams make Playoff & All Star games at the end of the season.

3.Official Standings will be implemented for playoff seeding.

4.Trophies for Champions & Runner Up, Medals for the rest of the teams.

5.Make ups for rainouts are optional.

6.Games may not be rescheduled without approval of League Commissioner.

7.No spectators inside the field.

8.Coaches responsible for parents.

9.Facemasks are optional for batting, Mandatory for fielding as the Pitcher. Circle only.

10.Protective cups for catchers.

11. League will supply game balls.

12.Equipment shall be shared if necessary.

In the 7-8U Coach Pitch ten (10) players may play on defense. If a team has only nine (9) players the other team will still play with maximum number players on defense.

In the 7-8U Coach Pitch all players bat in the batting order. Bunting is allowed one time per inning, there shall be free defensive substitutions.. . Except for injury or disciplinary ejection, Fielding substitutions may be made during the inning

In the 7-8U Coach Pitch Division the ball is live if it travel pass the home plate Arc the catcher or the pitcher will have to make a play on it., ball is dead foul in front of the home plate Arc,  Remember bunting is allowed one time per inning. After that if is obvious that you are sending a batter to bunt again without making a full swing he will be called out.

In the 7-8U Coach Pitch Division once the ball is thrown into an infielder with possession of the ball calls time-out (in the infield), the ball is dead and all runners must return to the nearest base, Also if is thrown to the Pitcher coach the defense of team will be granted a time-out. If the runner is more than half way to the next base, he may continue to that base. If he is not, he must return to the previous base.

In the 7-8U Coach Pitch Division a batter shall receive a maximum of 5 pitches. 8U only If the batter fouls off the 5th pitch they will be entitled to only one more pitch. Three (3) strikes and the batter are out. ( 7U only will have 5 pitches no matter if they strike out)

In the 7-8U Coach Pitch Division the inning is over once a team gets three (3) outs or the team bats 10 players. This is for the first 5 innings played, the 6th inning or the last inning within the time of play (1:25) is not in affect this is the only inning the a team trailing can come back and win the game will need to get 3 outs to close the game, run rules are still in affect.
 ( last batter in the inning is Live need to make an attempt to get him out or throw the ball in the infield to the bases where the runner is running to or base in front of the runner, also all base runners are live meaning if there are less than 3 outs in the inning, meaning a play needs to be done in front of the baserunners or the base in front of them and call time out or if the runners dont attempt to run the umpire will call the inning)

Time limit for the 7-8U COACH PITCH is one hour and twenty-five minutes (1:25). Or regulation game consist of six (6) innings in 7-8U Coach Pitch which ever occur first. 12 run rule after trailing team end of the 4th Inning, 10 runs (5th).

Distances between bases are 60 feet, and Coach Pitch is 36 feet or around the circle. No leads or Steal, No Infield Fly Rule. Children must stay on the base until contact.

Umpire/League Control Policy


1.In the event of a cancellation during the regular season, due to team request each Manager will be responsible to contact the League Commissioner Coordinator within a reasonable time or 2 weeks. (during Playoffs every team will have abide by the league playoffs schedule unless cancel due to Bad Weather or field Conditions Only)

2.Prior to the commencement of play, the Managers, or a designated coach, from each team will be introduced to the Umpires.They will be the only individuals able to discuss or appeal any call made by an Umpire.

3.Coaches for respective teams have responsibility to lead players by example at all times both on the field and in the dugout.Each team coach is responsible for control of his coaches and team.

4.First warning for disruptive or argumentative coach, parent, or spectator name taken.

5.Second warning rejection (report to League President and Commission for appropriate suspension).

6.Failure to leave the park after ejection will result in police call.