6U Pony Rules


1. 3 pitches from the coach and if the player misses all 3 then they get 3 swings off the tee.  (If you don't want to use the tee then after 3 swing and misses the batter is out)
2. The inning will end when either 3 outs are made or 7 runs have scored.
3.  Time will only be called when an INFIELDER raises hands to call time.  INFIELDER must be in fair territory
4.  Game times are 1 hour and 30 minutes
5.  Knockout is 10 runs after the 4th inning and 8 runs after the 5th inning.
6.  The 6th inning will be an open inning where 3 outs need to be made.
7.  California tie breaker will be the last out at 2nd base and 2 outs.
8.  An outfielder must throw the ball back to an infielder in order for time to be called.  The outfielder cannot hand the ball directly to the infielder.

Umpire/League Control Policy

1.In the event of a cancellation during the regular season, due to team request each Manager will be responsible to contact the League Commissioner Coordinator within a reasonable time or 2 weeks. (during Playoffs every team will have abide by the league playoffs schedule unless cancel due to Bad Weather or field Conditions Only)

2.Prior to the commencement of play, the Managers, or a designated coach, from each team will be introduced to the Umpires.They will be the only individuals able to discuss or appeal any call made by an Umpire.

3.Coaches for respective teams have responsibility to lead players by example at all times both on the field and in the dugout.Each team coach is responsible for control of his coaches and team.

4.First warning for disruptive or argumentative coach, parent, or spectator name taken.

5.Second warning rejection (report to League President and Commission for appropriate suspension).

6.Failure to leave the park after ejection will result in police call.