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11/12U Division Rules


Triple 11/12U Division Rules South Miami Youth Baseball League.


The Major League Baseball Rules shall govern all Games and procedures and these local rules agreed to by the members of this league. Members of the league are responsible for the knowledge and adherence to the rules


1. The following are the official age categories:

12U ( Metals cleats allowed)

2. The players age on May 1 his League competition age. All Registered players must play within their established age brackets. Exceptions may be granted based on medical impeding conductions or SMYBL league experiences.


1. Sportsmanship & Courtesy are to be observed at all times from Coaches, Players and Parents.

2. Only positive cheering will be allowed at any games. Cheering during play such as SWING or CRESCENDO YELLING shall not be allowed once the pitcher has come to the set position. A Warning by the umpires will be given with any successive incident resulting in the batter being called out.

3. The conduct of a Teams spectators shall be the responsibility of the Teams Manager. Managers, Coaches, Umpires, Spectators & players shall abide by these Rules. No Spectators, Manager/Coach or players may shout any call (SAFE/OUT/BALK/etc/) that may confuse the players. After one warning the offender shall be removed from the game. The umpire may eject any Spectators that during play go into the playing area. If a spectator refuses to leave the premises, the umpire shall, instructs the Manager to request the said spectator to leave. Thereafter if the spectator does not leave, the umpire may suspend the game or call police.

4. The use of profanity or exhibition of any unsportsmanlike conduct by any Manager, Coach, player, umpire or spectator before, during and after a game, may result in that person being ejected. Any person ejected other than a player shall leave the premises immediately. An ejected player may remain in the teams bench. A report to the League Commissioner/President shall be written and submitted within 24 hours by the game umpire(s).

5. Use of Tobacco products are prohibited on the playing field. No Alcoholic beverages are permitted in any of the park premises at any time.

6. Vandalizing any part of the field, equipment or facility is prohibited. Ejection from the game, suspension from the next game and / or removal from the remainder of the season will punish violators. The Leagues reserves the right to pursue legal means.

7. No Vehicles will be allowed inside the park premises unless unloading equipment. The organizations that make up the membership of this League will not assume liability for cars parked around the playing fields. Parking is at your own risk.

8. If a player quits the team, The League Commissioner/President must be notified within three days.


1. Distance between the bases:

11/12U 70 FT.

2. Pitching distance:

11/12U 50 Ft

3. Only managers or designated coach may approach the umpires to question a call or play. No protest can be made on a judgment call. Balls/Strikes are not questionable calls.

4. One Manager and three Coaches and scorekeeper are allowed in the dugout. All coaches must stay in the dugout while their team is on the field. This rule is subject to the umpire discretion based on the coaches behavior.

5. If a Manager, Coach, player is ejected from a game, the ejection stands for the remainder of the game. If a manager or coach is ejected twice within the same season, such individual may go before the League President for further consideration.

6. Catchers must wears cups & throat protectors ( Build in to mask or Flap) All batters and runners must wear a coverall type helmet. Unless time has been called by the umpire, any player that willingly removes his/her helmet while running the base shall be called out by the umpire.

7. If a player is injured while at bat & cannot complete his turn at bat, then the next batter in the line up will assume the ball and strike count of the injured batter. If a player leaves the game for any reason (injured will not be out) his subsequent turn at bat will be an OUT.

8. Pitchers: A Player may pitch all 6 innings in the 12U Division game, No Pitch Count. If a pitcher hits 3 batters in the same inning, he must be removed as a pitcher. For record purposes, an inning pitched will be charged once the pitcher is on the mound and the umpire has indicated that player is resumed. Each pitcher will be allowed eight warm up pitchers upon entering the game or at the start of an inning (exception will be granted in case of an injury to the pitcher). A pitcher may be brought in to the game from the Dugout or playing field (in the course of an inning)

9. No player may warm up a pitcher or play catcher at anytime without the proper gear. No batting practice is permitted without a batting helmet (exception are whiffle balls) On deck batters must wear a helmet. One deck batter will be allowed at one time.

10. Base runners must slide or avoid contact in their own established base line. If there is a collision on the play and in the judgment of the umpire, contact was excessive, a runner can be declared out and possibly ejected from the remainder of the game. No warnings need to be given previously for a player to be ejected. Any runner touched by a base coach so as to direct the runner while running the base shall be declared out.

11. In 12 U Division you could choose to bat 9-10 players, or bat the entire line-up. NOTE: Substitutes players may not re-enter the game once they are removed from the line-up.You can also utilize a DH in addition to the EH. Also have the OPTION to use """"Bat the Roster"""" and free substitutions,You must bat every player on the Roster and Free defensive rotation. You may use Courtesy runners for the catcher and pitcher to move up the game with no out.

12. There will be 1:45 hours or six-inning time limit, whichever comes first . In the event the game is tied after time has expired, game will end on a tied during the regular season,run rule of: 15 after 4 inning; 10 after 5 innings

13. A suspended game will be picked up from the point of stoppage. The game will be played the remaining time limit or seven innings, whichever comes first.

14. A manager may request time outs for valid reasons. Offensive time outs will be limited to two time outs per inning.

15. The Manager or Coach of the defensive team will have to remove the pitcher for the pitching position on the second visit to the field while the same pitcher is on the mound. A visit to the field is defined as requesting time to talk to any member of the defensive team (2 time Out per inning). On subsequent pitchers, the rule will be repeated. Injury shall not count as a visit to the field unless the Manager/Coach speaks to the pitcher as to instruct him on game strategy.

16. If with two outs a batter who is the catcher becomes a runner, the last batter who was put out may run for the catcher so that the catcher may put on the catching gear. The catcher rule is optional.

17. League will furnished the game balls. The game sheet shall be the official batting order which shall be held by both teams scorekeeper and later email the results to the League Commissioner,

18. The Run rule is in effect once a game becomes official (number of innings played 4th) A runner at third base may steal home on the pitch provided that the batter DOES NOT SWING at the pitch. PENALTY: Runner is out. A bunt or check swing is not considered a full swing. The pitch shall be considered a not pitch.

19.FAKE BUNT IS NOT ALLOWED 12U -Batter may never show bunt and then swing at the ball. Once a batter steps into the batters box and shows bunt, he is no longer allowed to swing at the next delivered pitch, unless time is called and the batter steps back out of the batters box before the pitch is delivered. If a batter shows bunt and then swings at the pitch, the batter is called out and any runners that may have advanced on the pitch, must go back to the previously occupied base.

20. The infield fly rule is a judgment call for the umpire. If the umpire deems a fly ball catchable in the infield with the appropriate base runners on base and less than two outs, then the batter is out. Even if an infielder drops the ball, the batter is still out. However, if the umpire calls the infield fly rule and the ball drifts into foul territory and the third baseman, for example, drops the ball, the batter is no longer out. It is simply a foul ball at that point and the batter can again step up to home plate. In such a situation, the proper call by the umpire should be, "infield fly rule, if fair."

21. Live Ball: Any ball overthrown to first base or third base, which hits the fence, but remains on the field, will be considered a live ball. Runners may advance at risk. Dead Ball: Ball the goes underneath the home plate fences at either park or overthrown out of the field of play, base runner will advance a base determine by the umpire.


Umpire/League Control Policy

1.In the event of a cancellation during the regular season, due to team request each Manager will be responsible to contact the League Commissioner Coordinator within a reasonable time or 2 weeks. (during Playoffs every team will have abide by the league playoffs schedule unless cancel due to Bad Weather or field Conditions Only)

2.Prior to the commencement of play, the Managers, or a designated coach, from each team will be introduced to the Umpires.They will be the only individuals able to discuss or appeal any call made by an Umpire.

3.Coaches for respective teams have responsibility to lead players by example at all times both on the field and in the dugout.Each team coach is responsible for control of his coaches and team.

4.First warning for disruptive or argumentative coach, parent, or spectator name taken.

5.Second warning rejection (report to League President and Commission for appropriate suspension).

6.Failure to leave the park after ejection will result in police call.

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