SMYBL Question & Answer

Published by Omar Diaz
Nov 08, 2018


Q: When does the SMYBL season start?

A: Our winter season begins in January. First Game for the SMYBL league is on TBA . Please click on "Calendar" at the top of the page to see the exact date for all games and practices.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Our winter season, Enrolling one child is $215 Per Player. Second child is $200. (Head Coaches Child FREE) Only players coming with a team with a coach thru SMYBL team, Includes game,team uniforms, Insurance, 1 practice per week/ 1hour per week

New Individual Draft Players $215 Per Player. Second child is $200, ( will be place on a team) registering thru SMYBL League. include game,team uniforms, Insurance, 1 practice per week/ 1hour per week. Coaches will be Volunteers.

Academy Player- For New Players -Coaches provided by Tornadoes Academy $ 650.00 per player 4U-12U. players already with the Academy team is $550.00 for the season (included games & insurance, practice uniform, game uniforms and Academy instructional practices. 2 per week/ 2 hour per week, )

Q: How do I know what baseball division my child will play in?

A: If your child turns 3 or 4 before May 1 on next year then they will be in Mites (T-Ball). If your child turns 5-6 before May 1 of next year then they will be in Pony Division (Coach Pitch/T-Ball). If your child turns 7-8 before May 1 of next year then they will be in 7U or 8U (Coach Pitch). If your child turns 9-10 before May 1 of next year then they will be in 9U/10U Kids Pitch . If your child turns 11-12 before May 1 of next year then they will be in 12U Kids Pitch.

Q: How do you put teams together?

Teams can be made up with School classmates, friends, Family members and returning roster teams for all division. There is a draft for the new players and for the new teams.

The league recognizes both player as well as parents would like to participate with their friends, classmates, neighbors, and family relatives at the younger-upper age levels and the league supports this approach. We will attempt to accommodate requests to the best of our abilities prior to the season starting but there are NO Guarantees on any requests made. Parents requests will be reviewed on an individual basis. By President and Manager Approval if a spot is available.

Q: I have more than 1 child to sign up, is there a discount?

A: Yes! We give the siblings $15 off the registration fee.

Q: Moving to an upper Division, does new and old players need an evaluation?

A: All new players coming into our league without a team must be evaluated there first year joining the league. Returning players coming with a team don't need to attend the evaluations.

Q: What equipment does my son need to play?

A: All players must have rubber soled cleats, a glove and baseball Bats. Helmets are providing by the League. Recommended sizes are: 3u-6u- T-Ball Bat, 7u/8u: 15-17oz, 9U-10U: 17-18oz, 11-12U: 18-20oz.

Q: When are games played?

A: There will be 1 or 2 game scheduled per week for the whole league, during the weekend on Saturday and one game either Wed or Friday alternating teams. Please check the game schedule for your team on our web site.

Q: When are practices and where?

The league schedules practices. Each team manager will decide on a practice routine. Most teams will practice once a week, with one fielding practice and one batting practice. Most Practices will be Held at Palmer Park Monday, Tuesday, Wed, Thursday. Check practice schedule on your team web site.

Q: How long is the season?

A: the season runs from early January thru May. The regular season will have about 16 games with a double elimination playoff format at the end for the Upper Division Pony - Majors. Every team of all divisions will receive trophies from the league. All Divisions will have an All-Star Game.

Q: How do I sign up to be a manager or coach?

A: The coaches request form can be download from the home baseball website or email to [email protected]

Q: How do I know what the rules of the game are?

A: Our league Rule Book is available on the web site. Games use major league rules as a base and have specific rules that apply depending on the division.

Q: I signed my child up and now he does not want to play or got injured before the season start , what do I do-league policy Refund?

A: If you request a refund before Dec 1, you will get charge $30.00 refund fee and will received a deducted refund. After Dec 2. NO REFUND.