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Catching a Fly Ball


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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Start with whiffle balls or tennis balls

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Let your player start off by tossing a whiffle ball or tennis ball up in the air by himself for a few minutes to show you how good he is.


Now its time for fly balls.  There is no easy way. Move your player out in the open. Again, stand about 10 feet away and start by tossing to the right above the shoulders and then over the head. After everyone is comfortable, toss one up in the air.

  1. Get your glove up with the back of the glove over your forehead and tilted back.
  2. Your bare hand should be also up about eye level but not obscuring sight.
  3. Follow the ball and get under it as it comes down.
  4. STOP the ball. Thats why you have the glove. So it doesnt hit you in the head.
  5. Bring the glove hand down and the bare hand in as you reach chest level.
  6. Follow #1 Throwing the Ball


Expert level: As your player starts to catch on, work with them to make a slight adjustment to make sure they are catching the ball in front of them at forehead level on the right hand throwing side. This makes it easier to get into the throwing position.


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