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Cathcing a Ball


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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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Take a quick look at the website, Tips and Drills, Catching the Ball with One Hand. There are many websites and philosophies on baseball. Most are old school which doesnt necessarily make them bad. Its just that technologically, physiology, equipment, and motion science are moving so rapidly that new techniques and training methods are proving to be more suitable to todays game.


This is a tough one because theres no question that if a ball hits you , it hurts. When I was a kid, they picked you up, rubbed a little dirt on it, (that usually took your mind off of the painlike, whats the dirt going to do?), gave you a pat on the butt, and you were back in the game. Today, no butt pats and no dirt ( attorney advice). Kids are smarter and you can usually reason with them that they wont die, it doesnt hurt that much, and lets get back out there like Superman.


Have your player face you with his/her back about 1 foot from a wall or fence. Stand about 8 to 10 ft away and kneel down or find something to sit on. Do not throw at your player at the start.


  1. Player should be relaxed with knees slightly flexed. (just standing for 5-6 year olds good enough)
  2. Hands resting on knees for now
  3. Throw to right (if right handed) of player at between waist and knee. To left (if left handed)
  4. Player needs to get glove out, follow the ball into the glove with his/her eyes., and capture ball.
  5. Bare hand comes in to get ball and jump into throwing position #1 THROWING THE BALL.
  6. Throw back to Mom or Dad.


Next drill is to repeat throwing the ball at shoulder level to top of head. Remember to stay to right for right handed.

  1. Reinforce getting glove to the ball and glove position with the player by showing STOP Position.  Just what it says. Like a crossing guard directing traffic. Player should finish off with 4,5,& 6 above


Next drill is to repeat throwing the ball at the player below the waist.

  1. Fingers down is the code word. Player should finish off with 4,5,& 6 above


Next drill is to repeat throwing the ball at the player above the waist.

  1. Fingers up and STOP are the code words here. Player should finish off with 4,5,& 6 above


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After working on 1 thru 9 above until your player feels comfortable, switch it up and add in some ground balls. This way it will keep him/her guessing, add some excitement, make a game out of it, etc. The most important thing is to make your player think about what he has to do with his body and react rather than worrying about the ball hitting him.


Let your player finish off by tossing a whiffle ball or tennis ball up in the air by himself after you finish working on these skills.


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