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Cathcing a Ground Ball


Written by: League Administrator
Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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Lets go back to #1 THROWING THE BALL. After completing the throw, your player should be facing the target with his glove hand and open hand spread on either side of his/her body in order to be ready to receive the ball. I have found it is easier to work on ground balls first as it reinforces the throwing exercises.


The best approach to covering a ground ball is always to position your body so you are athletically balanced (like a basketball player on defense) or more easily described to your 5-6 year old, move around like a monkey, now stop and hold the position.

  1. Have your player bend his legs and position like getting ready to sit in a chair. Feet spread comfortable about shoulder width.  Not too low. If you are too low you will restrict your range.
  2. Face the approaching ball squarely with your glove hand out in front of you.
  3. Get the glove on the ground (back of glove on the ground) with your head up.*
  4. Get your backside down and keep your back straight. Your back will arch forward.*

  5. Stay on the balls of your feet, balanced and ready to move latterly from side to side (advanced)
  6. Keep your free hand open and ready to guide the ball into the glove and pull it out quickly.
  7. Move the glove to block the path of the ball BUT let the ball come into the glove.
  8. When the ball comes into the glove, bring the free hand down on the ball to trap it, scoop it up, and get ready to pull it out to throw.
  9. Once the ball is scooped up, stand up and move to the bow and arrow position described in #1 Throwing the Ball.
  10. Throw it back to Mom or Dad. Following #1 Throwing the Ball.


Stand about 10 feet away from your player.  Now he is down in good fielding position

and it is time for the Alligator Drill.


Q: What does it look like when he/she get the glove in line with the ball, the ball comes into the glove, and the free hand comes over and down on the ball to capture it.?


A: Its like an Alligator snapping his jaws shut once the fish swims in.


Time to roll them some balls. (Keep a wall or fence behind him because I think there will be some misses and you wont have to chase them).

Feet spread; Squat down; Glove on ground; Head up watching ball;, Catch the ball (ball into glove); ALLIGATOR; up and turn; throw back.


Practice the mechanics 2 minutes in front of the mirror. Down, make believe catch, alligator drill, up and lead into throwing mechanics.


Let your player finish off by tossing a whiffle ball or tennis ball up in the air by himself after you finish working on these skills.



* 90% of parents and now many young children (8 -12) cannot do 3 and 4 above.

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